Our Principals

Our Principals

Daikin Industries Ltd., Japan

Founded in 1924, Daikin Group, is the leading manufacturer of air conditioning equipment and fluorochemical products. They have devoted ourselves with unbridled passion to contribute to higher-quality lifestyles and economic growth in the world.

Daikin Chemicals manufactures fluorochemical products such as refrigerant gases, resins, elastomers and chemicals, with over 80 years of experience in the business. 

Zeon Corporation, Japan

ZEON CHEMICALS, headquartered in Louisville, Ky., is the leading producer of specialty elastomers in the USA. It produces Nipol® NBR, HyTemp® ACM, Hydrin® ECO, Zetpol® HNBR, and Chemisat® Latex, which are used in the manufacture of hoses, seals, gaskets, belts and other parts for automotive, industrial, oil field and printing markets. Customers are served from plants in Louisville (Ky., USA), Hattiesburg (Miss., USA) and Bayport (Texas, USA).

ZEON CORPORATION is one of the top producers of polymers in the world with plants in Asia, North America and Europe, and Research and Development laboratories in Kawasaki (Japan), Louisville (Ky., USA) and Barry (UK). ZEON CORPORATION, with combined sales of over US 2.5 billion, utilizes its expertise and basic position in C4 and C5 chemistry to offer a wide range of products 

Osaka Soda Co. Ltd., Japan

In 1915, Osaka Soda co. Ltd., started its chloralkali business producing “caustic Soda” , “chlorine”, and hydrogen via electrolysis of salt, from which the company name Osaka soda is derived.

Chloro-alkali products including caustic soda are used in variety of applications ranging from bleaching of paper/pulp and textile to sterilization of water supply and sewerage systems, fertilizers/detergents and metak surface treatment. In addition, “allyl chloride” and “epichlorohydrin” manufactured through chlorination obtained via electrolysis are used in multiple industrial products such as information technology/electrotechnology/devices, painting materials, agricultural chemicals and pharmaceutical products. As raw materials of chemical products including resin. These basic chemicals play thankless but vital roles and support our society. 

Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan

Sumitomo Chemical was established in 1913 to manufacture fertilizers from sulfur dioxide emitted from smelting operations at the Besshi copper mine in Niihama, Ehime Prefecture, with the aim of solving environmental problems caused by the emissions. At present, the Sumitomo Chemical Group operates businesses in five sectors - Petrochemicals & Plastics, Energy & Functional Materials, IT-related Chemicals, Health & Crop Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals - and provides products worldwide that support a wide variety of industries and help people's daily lives.

>> EPDM - Terpolymers for Rubber applications
>> EPM - Co-polymers for Oil Modifications-Viscosity Index Improver

Sumitomo Shoji Chemicals Co. Ltd., Japan

Sumitomo Shoji Chemical Company, is Sumitomo Corporation Group’s chemical trading company, are professional business people, each of whom has a certain expertise.

By utilizing Sumitomo’s credibility through a half century relationship with customers, they keep find seeds of new business around the world and to create the new values contributing to the society.

In 2018, we, Sumitomo Shoji Chemicals Co., Ltd., are celebrating 50th anniversary from the start of business.
Together we aim to create the following 50 years with the herein slogan.- Eye on the Now, View to the Future 

The Colorant Chromatics AG., Finland

Colorant Chromatics- It is part of Avient group (formerly Polyone). They specialize in coloring solutions.
Your products deserve to stand out from the crowd. With colorants from Avient, they will.
Our collaborative process gives you the flexibility and authority you need to find the colors that will dazzle your customers and spur sales. Join us in our Innovation Centers to quickly and efficiently formulate solutions and manufacture physical prototypes to speed your innovations from the drawing board to your customers.

Sitting atop the plastics pyramid, high temperature formulations provide robust material performance at elevated temperatures in excess of 300°F (150°C).
At Avient, we collaborate with both designers and manufacturers to optimize their use of these engineered polymers. Our focus is on the development of targeted high temperature formulations and colorant and additive packages you need to ensure your products perform as expected.

Our experience includes developing color and additive concentrates for PEEK, PEI, PES, PSU and PPSU resins. We also provide know how to improve functionality with additions such as laser marking additives, conductive materials, radiation cross-linkable solutions, glass fiber and other reinforcing materials, infrared filtering, and more.
Industries served include:
• Aerospace
• Transportation
• Healthcare / medical devices
• Telecommunications
• Wire & cable
• Power generation
• Building & Construction
Contact us to learn more about these high-performance materials.

Yasho Industries Ptv. Ltd., India
(for western region)

Within the world of fine chemicals, Yasho Industries Limited manufactures performance chemicals for industries as diverse as Rubber & Latex, Food & Flavors, Perfumery, Lubricants and other Specialty applications since 1993.

Their strength in organic process technology enables us to develop sustainable manufacturing processes to deliver quality products for our customers. The manufacturing facilities located in Vapi, Gujarat is 200 km from the port which allows us to serve customers throughout the globe.

They test their products extensively in their well equipped lab that help our customers to produce high quality products and succeed through trusted expertise, confidence, global supply and independent strength.

Mitsufuku Compound Pvt. Ltd.
(for western region)

"Mitsufuku Compound Private Limited is 100% subsidiary of Mitsufuku Compound, Japan. They have a state-of-the-art factory in Saregam, Gujarat where they manufacture high quality specialty compounds which can be tailor made to customer requirements. "
Remove- For western Region for Mitsufuku

>> Speciality Compounds of FKM/HNBR/ECO/AR/EPDM Etc

Transpek-Silox Industries Pvt. Ltd. , India (for western region)

Transpek-Silox Industry Private Limited (TSIPL) is a Joint Venture company between Transpek Industry Limited, India and Silox, S.A. Belgium, embodying a combined vision to excel in the Global Inorganic Chemical Industry. Guided by science and driven by technology, our product portfolio caters to diverse end use segments such as Textile, Paints & Coatings, Rubber, Pharma, Polymer, Ceramic, Paper and Personal Care etc.

Continuous innovation forms the cornerstone of every process at our end. The nimble footedness to rise up to market dynamics has endowed us with laurels such as being the Global Leader in Sodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate (SafoliteTM) and Zinc Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate (SafolinTM).

Our effort to develop a pole position in the market has led us to develop technologies for manufacturing one of our key products, Sodium Hydrosulphite through two different routes i.e. Zinc Process & Sodium Formate process. We have the privilege of being the only company in the world with this dual process capability. We also have an integrated Zinc Chain that has forward as well as backward integration initiatives as its bedrock. This facilitates Captive Raw Material production as well as Value Addition on Final Products and Co-products. Our other products include high quality Zinc Dust & Zinc Oxide as well as Zinc Derivates such as Zinc Phosphate, Zinc Carbonate, Zinc Active and Zinc Oxide HSA.

Auropol India Pvt. Ltd.
(for western region)

Auropol is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for rubber and plastic industries. With emphasis on quality and innovative product development, Auropol aims to become the preferred supplier by remaining alert to customer’s changing needs and responding with SPEED, SKILL and ASSURANCE.

The backbone of Auropol's growth is the partnership between Auropol's personnel and its Customers. Through exchange of information with customers, Auropol identifies the best product, the best services and the best package.

This practise has led Auropol to the path of continual improvement. Auropol is involved and committed to help customers make better and more economical products.

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