About Us

We at Nishigandha consist of a team of dedicated professionals who cater to the Indian Rubber Industry. We provide Synthetic Rubber/Polymers of all types with a focus on Hi-Tech Polymers e.g. Flouroelastomers/ Flouroplastics, Polyacrylic Rubber, Epichlorohydrin Rubber, Chlorinated Polyethylene Elastomers etc.

Our company slogan “Anything to Everything” promises prompt deliveries, of all materials; including necessary additives from ready stock at competitive rates. We also are able to suggest suitable polymers and recipes needed to meet stringent requirements in today’s industry.

To comply with Bharat, Euro IV and Euro V auto regulations our technical experts make regular visits to India to ensure support to all out customers.

We are a team of experts and specialists who believe in extending complete support to all our customers. We believe in providing value through consistent and time-bound supply of material that is sourced globally. We are associated with Polymer Processors Inc., who are consultants for the rubber industry in USA/Canada. We extend complete technical support for product development